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200 CLUB

The 200 Club (still call 200 club although we have over 300 members) is a way to support individual branches and be in with a chance to win one or more of the
31 annual cash prizes during the year. 50% of all ticket money is awarded to
branches that make a bid for plant, tools, materials etc to support their individual restoration works. The other 50% is divided up into 10 monthly draws including a bumper draw in December.

The amount awarded to branches and prize money is totally dependent on the number of tickets sold. Since its inception ticket sales have risen steadily to well over 300. Over 12,500 has been given away in prize money with a similar amount awarded to branches.

We are now gearing up for 2018, with your help even more tickets will be sold which will result in increased money being available to branches to buy various items and prize money would proportionately increase. If you can persuade friends, relatives etc to buy tickets, it spreads the word of the Trust, helps to raise money for the branches and be in with a chance to win one or more of the thirty one prizes in the ten monthly draws.

An application form can be found from the link at the top of this page.

Whilst we have over 300 ticket holders, for banking purposes all cheques and bankers orders should continue to be made out to "W&B 200 Club".

For more information please contact Jeff & Lynda Daws -


1st prize   100.00
2nd prize  


3rd prize  








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