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Charles Isaac

In 1848, Charles Isaac, a blacksmith from Foxham, further up the canal, was employed by William Hodgson to replace the handrails on Top Lock. Charles had a forge near Foxham Lower Lock, where his business was kept busy by local farmers as well as the canal company. Although Foxham was about 3-4 miles from Pewsham, the canal could,of course, be used to transport the finished articles. Charles also supplied handmade nails and hinges for the boat building and repair business at Pewsham.



Click here for a personal account of Charles Isaac written by Ray Alder

 William Hodgson and his wife Eliza moved to Pewsham Cottage in 1842 from Grove. They had 14 children altogether, but a number died: Eliza 9, Albert 8, Rice 6, Matilda 19, Ann Sophia 28, Elizabeth 28 and Clara 16. Eliza, Albert & Rice all died in July 1849, but Rhoda and Mary Ann went on to have their own careers with the canal company.

William Hodgson is described as being a carpenter and canal surveyor, which may have meant that he was responsible for the general maintenance of the canal, as well as charging tolls.

He employed Charles Isaac in 1848.


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